Physical Ability Testing for the Entry-Level Firefighter (Biddle) March 13, 2020 (PM)

Course Start Date: 03/13/2020, Course End Date: 03/13/2020



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Description: The Biddle and Associates Physical Ability Test includes the following events:

  • Dry hose deployment
  • Charged hose deployment
  • Halyard raise
  • Roof walk
  • Attic crawl
  • Roof ventilation
  • Victim removal
  • Ladder removal/carry
  • Stair climb with hose
  • Crawling search
  • Hose hoist

Please Note: All participants assume full responsibility for their own participation in these difficult and physically challenging maneuvers. As with any physical exercise program, please consult a physician before starting.

Date: March 13, 2020 (Friday)

Times: 1300-1700 (must arrive prior to 1300)

Location: VVC Regional Public Safety Training Center

19190 Navajo Road Apple Valley, CA 92307

Room: Burn Tower

Certification: Victor Valley College is fully certified by FPSI to administer the Biddle. You will receive a Certificate upon Successful Completion

Dress Code: Appropriate dress for class is required. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain a clean, neat professional appearance.

Acceptable dress includes:

Exercise shorts or sweats, t-shirts and exercise shoes.

If you have a turnout coat, helmet and gloves you may bring it. All equipment is subject to inspection.

Unacceptable dress includes:

Flip flops, cutoffs, tank or halter tops

Clothing which is inappropriately worn, stained, soiled or unpressed.

Clothing or decoration which expresses a political opinion, or expresses an attitude or opinion contrary to the public safety codes of ethics

Students may not wear a hat inside any facility except as specifically required by the course they are attending

Questions: For questions please contact Heath Cohen at: 760-245-4271 ext. 3116 or

Note: This Fee-Based course is non-refundable.